My sister surprised me with my favorite brand, First Aid Beauty! She got me the Ultra Repair Wash! This brand is so amazing! Everything so far that I used is like magic, it has godly-ness all over it! I have a little bit of eczema, and mostly because I get stressed easily I can get cuts or sores from excessive scratching! I probably aways rave about this brand, but if you have eczema or cuts like me, give this thing a try its amazing!



Anyways she got me this body wash! So far it has been pretty good, I’ve tried it without using the Ultra Repair Cream! It slowly heals dry skin and cuts but not far as good or as fast as the Ultra Repair Cream! But paired together is amazing, a match made in heaven! What I really like about it is that its a bit mild, so it keeps me from scratching in the night!



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