pizza party

Today my mom wanted to go to Festival of Giving! This time I went were she wanted to go! She took me in to Taj Clubhouse! It’s this little cute store that sells plushies and crafty things! It’s a Hawaii only branch! If your interested in some of the crafts they do, they have a cute blog:


I never knew that they had cute stickers and san-x brand notebooks and all the things that I usually like buying! I tried my hardest to not over buy stickers and all the other cute things! I picked this super fluffy sheep! All their sticker flakes are about $2.95, everything was very reasonable!


After that I headed down to meet with some of my fashion friends! We had a going away party!! We got a chance to hangout one last time, eat, drink and talk! :) It was very fun and somewhat relaxing! It was my first time drinking Pinnacle whip cream vodka, or vodka for that matter! It was sweet, but made my belly hurt a bit!



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