new friend!

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Today I got to hang out with A today, it feels like at least a good 3 weeks – a month that we weren’t able to hang out! We hung out at Ward this time! :) I finally got my stuff that I wanted for a while from the Faceshop! Pearl peeling scrub, chia seed moisturizer! Since I have a member ship card and that spent $50 on products I got a free nail polish, and $5 off! :) I’ve wanted this chia seed moisturizer for a long long time! :) I’m so happy~

Pearl peeling scrub : takes off dead skin and shows the dead skin residue! My skin is very sensitive and this doesn’t harm or hurt my skin! Its good for people that like to see their products work!

Chia seed moisturizer: it says on the packaging 0% oil! It is super good with people that have super oily skin! When I use this I feel like I can go out the whole day without replying makeup! :)


We had lunch at Korean BBQ Express, we both got mini plates which was perfect! And it was at a price that was worth it, it wasn’t too close to the regular price!! :)

We also got to go to TJ Maxx and have some convo’s at Ala Moana’s! :) It was a pretty chill day! :)


My dad found a super cool Jackson Chameleon in our yard! It pretty common to find chameleons, this one is still a baby, but its hard to tell if he was bought or if he is wild. He show red in his neck and opens his mouth but he doesn’t bite! Hopefully he will warm up to me, but not too fast just incase he’s someones pet! Or hopefully his mom isn’t worried or sad! :c He’s in safe hands for the time being! And if we do get to keep him then we are going to name him Pascal, from Tangled! :)



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