common place journal!

My sister and I have been really into journaling, and haven’t found a way to do it. We are both really anal about how things look, so its hard to keep journals or for me even sketch books – I’ll end up ripping out pages! I’ve wanted to keep a sketch book to draw in it daily to practice drawing realistic, but that hasn’t been up to date!

She recently told me about this Commonplace Journal! It’s mostly for writers, but its to hold inspirations, interest, and other things during daily life! It helps people see what happens and what they were interested in during the year!


To me, its a random book showing interest or inspirations! Fashion sketches of things that I want to make or projects that I’m working on! I holds Ideas, quotes, sometimes bible verses and Godly quotes for when I study! And sometimes very little there will be scrapbooking and journal entries!

I like the idea its chill and I feel like anyone can make this type of journal, by making it their own!



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