best day ever!


All started with this barber pole! My sister had to by so much of Crew brand products and she made the limit, so we got this pole for free! :) Its more like a coat rack and we don’t really know what to do with it – but who can say that they have a barber pole in their house!? If you do, thats pretty darn cool! :)


Then we went to Game Stop! :) I finally got the game that I was obsessing about, my sister even gave in and bought one too! :) I so far really really like this game, and I tried so hard to be patient! I started as a tailor, it so cute and fun~


And then my dad went for overkill! He surprised us with a super early Christmas present! I’ve been telling him to get this for my sister because she loves Marvel and Ironman, so much!! I’ve been having a hard time keeping it a secret, keeping my lips sealed was hard enough, let alone if my sister looked at this game when I was around I tried hard not to be obvious.

At least I don’t need to worry about me spilling the beans! :p



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