gilmore girls season 3


I didn’t want to give any spoilers for the last 2 season, but I thought – this is too old of a television show maybe there is a lot of people that already watched this tv show? Anyway spoilers, if you don’t wanna know. I really really rather Rory be with Jes, he’s much smarter, more interested in books like Rory and more conversational. Dean is not. Though I really liked Dean when I watched this when I was younger, I didn’t know what Jes really was (we used to watch this on and off). When I saw Jes I felt so bad for Dean, but I know what has to be done.

I’m going through this TV show so fast because I like to sew while watching this! :) Currently I’m sewing my moms Halloween costume!


Clover so cute. He loves the bed so much~ I couldn’t resist waking him! G’night!



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