basil jealous that clover gets carried


3 Leaf Clover
“Basil Jealous that Clover gets Carried”

basil jealous because clover gets carried


This is before I knew that the side walks are too hot for her to handle. Since its still summer in Hawaii, Basil still feels that the sidewalks are still too hot. :c It makes me sad that she still has her baby feet, and not strong like Clover’s feet… but as much as I want to, I can’t come to the fact to buying doggie shoes, because she will never get stronger. I looked up some balms that soothes it or balms that prevent hurting.

So for now, I’ll give her breaks once and awhile! :)

This comic is on Tapastic, for easier reading! Click the link for more information!
3 Leaf Clover | Tapastic

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