We started the day at the plant sale! There wasn’t anything amazing, and our garden is pretty much easy to deal with, so we have anything we wanted in particular! Then we quickly went to the mall to get Cupcakes for my Grandma’s birthday dinner celebration! :) After that we went to Walmart!



I was really really really upset to find out that Greenroom wasn’t releasing a planner next year. I was angered because me and my family waited so long for the planners to release. After doing heavy research, I found out that Mintgreen will be producing these planners and can be found at Walmart. When we got there there was very limited selection, there was a solid pink and a leather pink, and these 2 blue ones.

Overall the planners are similar to the Greenroom, with very minor differences! When I saw it at the store I thought, this look off or weird, but when I came home to compare it – I ended up liking the Mintgreen Planner more and more!

IMG_20141011_172230 IMG_20141011_173952

We had Gina’s for dinner! Love Gina’s she is so amazing! :) I was super happy to see a green pass on her window! :D :D :D :D Theres nothing more to say, I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to have my leftovers for breakfast! :p For dessert we got the Cupcakes from Hokulani Bakery! We got Red Velvet, Pumpkin Spice, Strawberry Shortcake, and Classic Vanilla! :) It was so sweet and yummy!


Made this cute Hello Kitty Hotel Mega Blocks! It was amazing, because it was on sale for $20 – and the original price was $50!!!  I had fun making this~ Love legos :) This one took me about an hour+, on and off! :)



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  1. Salme3 says:

    I also love this planner! I had to call the co., greenroom, and found out they are only producing the Mintgreen planner this year. (It’s the same company.)

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