This morning we went to visit my mom’s co-worker, were she house-sits! She said that the owner wanted to get rid of some guppies that have over taken their koi pond! The pond was so nice and the house was amazing! But I didn’t want to take pictures. We got at least 100 guppies! Most of them were plain female fish, the rest were these super vibrant colorful split tail fish, that reminded me of watermelon!

We set up this party bucket we got at Cost-Co’s! And instead of keeping drinks cool, we decided to use it as a pond! It came out really nice! Fish look happy and it doesn’t leak! :) Hopefully the fish will enjoy this nice clean, clear water while it lasts!



My sister made peanut butter cookies for fun! And I wanted to make some dog treats! I recently came across an amazing dog blog, that has yummy dog treat recipes and other dog related things! She introduced me to this super easy super fast peanut butter treat!

Blog: Cotton the Maltese

We did it a bit wrong, but we managed to figure it out! We didn’t microwave the peanut butter, so the flour and the peanut butter didn’t mix well together so instead we add about a cup of water to the mixture. And the dogs like it so, thats all that matters! :p


We watched this for dinner! I really enjoyed this movie! Hayao Miyazaki is and always will be amazing.



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