movie day!


We started the day with snacks and talking! We watched Architecture 101, The Huntress and Miss Granny!

We basically watched Architecture 101 because Suzy was in it! It was a miss, storyline was pretty slow and the ending didn’t really end properly. I had so much high hopes since it was a popular movie at the time, I heard so much good things! It was probably because Suzy was in it!

Secondly we watched The Huntress! Action packed, silliness! She mostly wanted to watch this since she noticed an actress, Ha Ji Won! Overall super funny and easy to watch, a bit slow at times! I couldn’t stop thinking that she reminded me of other actresses!


(Ha Ji Won pictured on the right)
At the very beginning of the show she reminded me of Lim Soo Hyang, more in her role from I Do, I Do! She is Gaya from her most recent role Inspiring Generations.


(Again Ha Ji Won pictured on the right)
And in other angles she reminded me of Kahi, from Dream High 2 or Kpop group, After School.

Then finally we watched Miss Granny! Super hilarious movie! Must watch, I was in awe with the acting~ Very easy to watch, super funny and it has a great storyline, I could watch this a few more times!



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