clover steps in gum

3 Leaf Clover
“Clover Steps in Gum”


While walking Clover steps in gum. I did what any mother would do, try to wipe off as much with my hand. Well… maybe not every mom…

I was so shocked that he stepped in gum, he was panicking and he tried to bite it off, but then his mouth got sticky and he seemed more panicked. So I wiped it off with my hand.  Not to mention that it was right smack dab in front of a bus stop, yes, with people sitting there.

Even a few days a go and this still can make me furious. Because its a bus stop theres normally rubbish cans, I couldn’t wrap my brain that why can’t people spit their gum in the trash if its just a foot away from you. Literally just a few inches.People please, throw your gum out like a normal people, so that my dog doesn’t ever step in it again! :c

This comic is on Tapastic, for easier reading! Click the link for more information!
3 Leaf Clover | Tapastic

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