cocoppa play!

 Oh, its been so sad since Pouppee Girl shut down! I don’t know if that game is still available, but it was one of my favorite games to play online! I hope one day they come back and start updating again!


Anyway this game Cocoppa Play is very similar to Poupee Girl! Basically you do quest to make money~ then you buy clothes to update your little character! As you go along with quest you unlock different shops! Hopefully they add more features but so far its cute and fun! :)


This game is both on android and iTunes!

Some tips that I wish I knew before downloading the game:

① When you start playing you get to choose between four different characters. Make sure you choose the one that has the cutest face or hair! Almost all the face’s cost real money, and hair is quite expensive and can cost real money as well.  Clothing shouldn’t matter too much since you get a few other choices to play with!

② Every time you expand a store, it will be the only time to get a ‘sale’ opportunity. After you expanded to the max, I don’t think you will be able to get sale opportunities, take advantage on these sales, make money before expanding! :)


My character!



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