birthday celebration 2! best day ever~


Clover decided that he would cuddle with me today! :) This made me so happy, normally he’s not the cuddly type! :) I somewhat believe he did this because its my birthday! :p

We honestly didn’t do much today, just rest and watch korean drama~ I love watching Roommate on Wednesday when my sister is home, so I can show her all the silly parts! We even got to play little Wario Ware on the WiiU! :) I was bugging her to play~ :) It was fun!


I begged my dad to make all my favorite foods that we don’t get to eat often! So I requested crab, bacon and roasted eggplant! :) Today, I told him that I didn’t really want bacon, so instead he wanted to try a new recipe~ Katsu Donburi! Everything was amaze-balls! :) I ate way, way, way too much! :) We got green tea coco puffs and green tea ice cream! :)


The things I got! :) My dad and mom bought me this super duper big box of rice krispie treats (love these, but I can’t eat them all), and a super cool fish tank! :D My sister actually bought me the 2ds, Animal Crossing game, and dog umbrella a few months back and let me use these gifts! :p She also got me a gift card, butterfly wing necklace, origami and washi tape!


I love the origami and washi tape so much, seriously no more washi tape!! :) Promise I have enough to save the world by now! :p Unless theres a super good sale that I can’t resist! :p

Honestly didn’t expect I would get so much gifts since my sister got me such a big one and let me open it! :)



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