hanging out!

Today I got to hang out with A~! :) It was fun to meet up!! This time we went to Ward! We haven’t been to Ward in a while~ I like Ward, its not as busy as the mall and there isn’t much temptations! :p


First stop, Face Shop! Got my sister her Foot Mask, but I don’t think it was the right one! :p She liked it anyway she said it was hydrating! I got my self this headband, it was cheap and I needed something that would hold my hair sung, when I wash my face! Got this chia seed freebie! :) The lady who helped us was so nice! She helped and explained so much! She even asked what type of skin I have so she could properly back the samples for me, she even explained what the product was and what it was, how to use it, and what it promotes! :)

After that we went to Hakubundo and I got some washi tape or paper tape! :) I never in my life thought I would own a washi tape from Hakubundo. They usually carry the mt line tape but its $6+ dollars for one roll. I was looking to buy a mt tape, because I really wanted a new washi tape and I didn’t mind spending for a design I really wanted. Looking through the shelves I noticed that they had different brands of tapes! This ‘Paper Tape’ brand is only $2.30 cute designs and very reasonable! I couldn’t decide on two, so I ended up getting them both! :p

We also went to TJ Maxx! :) I got my much needed doggy bags! :p

After that we walked to Ala’s and had a small bite and got to talk for a bit! :) Then we quickly quickly went to A’s house to watch some movies! We watched The Family! Ate Coffee Jelly, Almond Float and nachos! :) It was a very calm and relaxing day!


Just an update on my daily drawings!



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