plant sale and tacos!

Today we went to the Halawa Xeriscape Garden plant sale! It was me and my sisters first time going to this plant sale. It was quite a walk, since they didn’t have much parking!! They passed out a brochure, information, a ticket for mulch, a ticket for lucky prizes, and free herb seeds as we waited in line! I thought that was a nice touch!! It made time fly faster and made it more exciting!

PhotoGrid_1407019843475 IMG_20140802_123913

All the vendors were mostly selling succulents! that was fun since me and my sister are trying to grow succulents! Most of the succulents were priced about 2 or 3 times then the prices at home depot or other garden shops, there were in genetic pots. It was a bit saddening to see these plants $6-10 for baby succulents. I thought only places that had the succulents in creative things could sell for that much or even more… but in a generic pot, I don’t think they should price it that high.


We ended up going to a vendor that was selling baby, baby succulents for a dollar each! :) It was the last vendor we went to! I got 4 succulents and my sister got 3! :D When we went home we repotted them and repotted our other succulents! Everyone is happy – new soil, more room!


We also repotted our lemon tree and blue berry plant! They were both really dying for more room!

 IMG_20140802_123855 IMG_20140802_123902

Left is my moms plants that she bought today! She bought the expensive ones! :p And the right is older plants and some baby succulents!!


My dad made super yummy taco cups! My sister helped him while I cooked coffee jelly!



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