Not going to lie! I’ve been so lazy and discouraged to clean the room lately. It’s just too much! :s I usually try hard to clean at least once a week, but I haven’t since… I don’t know when! :p So, slowly I’ve been clear out some old stuff and declutter and throw, donate or give things that I haven’t touched in a long time away! :s

Today, I cleaned out my crafting things! I tried to just have one cubby hole of crafting stuff, but its still 2! I’ll try at it again. Maybe I should throw away my deco stuff, I haven’t deco’ed in a long time!! Ugh, why do I have so much stuffs! :s


Anyways I put this case from Don Q to good use! Put all my crafting tools in here! And I filled up all the slots! :) I Really love this case, I’m so tempted to buy more! :p



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