happy birthday A~

Before we ate A opened her birthday presents! :) I’m so happy she liked everything! I was so worried on what to get her, I’m glad she liked everything! :)


We started early today! :) Today we at Eggs’ n Things~ it was really yummy~ Next time I’m gonna have the potatoes instead of the pancakes! :) The bacon was perfect~ Crispy and yummy! I really enjoyed the costumer service here! :)

IMG_20140726_160148 IMG_20140726_160125 

I just got the good stuff! :) My sister was trying to get one charm from this Re-Ment Sanrio Hello Kitty Lucky Charm Figure, She wanted the Omikuji charm! She was trying so hard to get it last week but she ended up getting 2 of the same charm! :p She asked me to get her one today~ So I picked by random, it was so hot I was fanning my self with it!! :p I heard something in the baggy! I thought, “I think this is the one!”

We went to Nature Republic and I got another eyeliner again on sale! :) Maybe my last one! I’m happy I got another one, because Face Shop sells the same thing and its about $18! Its the same price at Nature Republic, but on sale for $6! Good deals!

Then we went to Hallmark and I finally got this Kidrobot, Yummy World Collection Egg guy! I wanted to get my sister this guy when I first saw the series for her birthday, but it never showed up… until today! So I figured if the charm wasn’t the one she wanted, she could be happy with this cool egg! :p Then we went to Cinnamon girl! :) And I found super super cool vintage stationary! :) It was worth it!

Overall we had a fun day! And I really limited my self and I’m super glad! And I’m glad we got to hang out and do something semi special for her birthday! :D


「ps」 My sister got the charm! I’m crazy lucky!


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