random day

IMG_20140725_152225 IMG_20140725_152306

We had to do a lot of things today! :) My sister had to restock and go to the supply house! And then we figured out what to eat for dinner, so we bought the ingredients!

We went to Don Q and I got some stuff that I needed~ And I got more of these cute panda erasers from Walmart’s 75 cents machine! Finally got the white panda!


Helped my mom make some dye for something for work! :) The purple dye splattered and it make a cool looking pattern and color! :)


I also worked on my dress that I was making during the week, that I cut! :) Love love love my new baby! What should I call it? #06 lilly? :) Named after R’s dress form that I nicknamed! :p

IMG_20140725_181810 IMG_20140725_184931

Nom nom’s at Zippys~ Orange Bang love! My sister and I also got a new phone case! So love, or mucho love! :p



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