bon dance # 2

IMG_20140718_092517 IMG_20140718_092723

Me and my sister had to help my mom out for her carnival at her school! :) This carnival was so cute this year! :) Lots of cute signs and fun game ideas! :) I was really impressed by all the teachers!

At this years carnival there was:
♡ Duck Pond ♡ Water ballon toss (at my mom) ♡ Fish Pounds ♡ Ring Toss ♡ Bean bag toss ♡ Ice pop ♡ Hair (spray color, braids and ribbons)  ♡ knock down game

My sister and I had to do the hair station~ We helped out spray coloring hair, making braided hair with beads or ribbons, and pig/pony tails! :) It was pretty fun to see all the kids getting crazy colors! :)

IMG_20140718_175912 IMG_20140718_162729

After that my sister and I got to go to Pearl Ridge~ We did a little shopping and found these super cute donuts! :) I am in love, so cute!! It looks very cute but… it really didn’t taste that great! :c

IMG_20140718_190753 IMG_20140718_194219 IMG_20140718_194410

Bon Dance time! :)

IMG_20140718_191707 IMG_20140718_193213

I had a hamburger and almond float. I guess the heat and all the walking at the mall made me not feel so good. I could hardly eat these and it oddly didn’t taste good to me! My dad ate my half of my hamburger and he said it was good… and my sister finished up my almond float and she said it was really yummy! :c

IMG_20140718_193904 IMG_20140718_193850

The sky was pretty and the ambiance was nice!



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