grassy beard

3 Leaf Clover
“The Grassy Beard”

grass beard grass beard 2

We went walking this past week. And we usually bring a water bowl for the dogs to both drink out of~ :) Clover gets super tired often and needs a drink when we pass the fountains! :)

I told my sister that Clover must get a little upset that after Basil drinks!! because, he always wants the last sip and there is always a piece of grass or dirt in the water!

He must think, “Darn it Basil why do you always leave grass in the water!!”

And she said Basil probably say’s “Well, I’m sorry I can’t help it if I have a beard…”

This comic is on Tapastic, for easier reading! Click the link for more information!
3 Leaf Clover | Tapastic

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