happy new year!

This morning we quickly rushed to Ala Moana to get Fukubukuro’s~ :) Japanese lucky bags! :) My sister and I got Spiral Girl and my mom got a Vera Bradly fukubukuro! :)

20140101_102320 20140103_103109

We were all so excited to open it~ :)

20140103_102338 20140103_102240 20140103_102029

My top favorite things I got, a cute lace dress, a flowy blue top, and a see through mint tank! My most favorite is the lace dress, but it doesn’t quite fit me right, I am a little bummed out. So my next favorite would be the mint colored tank!

20140103_102554 20140103_102452

I also got a shiny flower ring, and black socks!

20140103_102122 20140103_102518

And lastly things that I didn’t care for because I know it might not fit! A clingy white dress and a tube body con tank dress! :) Over all I like the bag and most of the things in it. Although I won’t lie I am sad that most of the tops are solid colors and no prints!


Finally we got The Mortal Instruments today! :) OMGosh so good! I really liked it and the storyline~ I am a little disgusted that, or I shouldn’t spoil it!! :p


I know last movie Lilly Collins was in I thought she looked exactly like Audrey Hepburn… But all I could think was man she looks just like Eliza Dushku!!! Lilly Collins is one of my favorite actresses! :)


My new year resolutions! :) I hope I can keep them! :) Wish me luck! Good luck with your new years resolutions and your new year! :) I hope this year will be good for the both of us!



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