happy new year!

Happy New Year! Recap 2013!



Wicked Play
This is the first musical or Broadway show that I ever been to, at least one that I can remember! Even more, it was amazing that we got to go backstage and see all the costumes and props!

Fukubukuro ➁ Last min school supply shopping!


Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 9.05.51 PM

4 Year Anniversary
I’ve had my blog for four years now! How time flies! :)

Bubbies mochi ice creamTamagotchi appCellphone Covers!



3d Art Box Project
One of my most favorite art projects that I got to do! I love how the origami stars are floating and in the water! I really want to make another project like this soon! It was also super awesome because it was a reuseable art project!

Art: Learning how to shadeDinner with Mom



Meet Lola
I finally got something similar to a dress form! It’s not perfect but it will do for now, it was super cheap because Sears was closing down

John Tanji KogaMen’s Wear Final Posh Fashion Show



Betsey Bear
My sister surprised me with this super cute necklace, I will cherish this adorable/amazing fashion piece!

TaptasticQuillCPK with A



Animal Crossing 3ds XL
Oh man, I’ve been waiting so hard for this game! I’m super happy, and I love my gameboy so much, idk if I can let this one go!

Rilakkuma iPod touch case First Bon Dance of the YearLearning how to Bon-Dance!



Horseback Riding
I finally accomplished my dream to ride a horse, or was my dream this whole time to pet and take care of a horse? Heh. I always loved horses, I would cry and beg my parents to take me! I’m glad to mark this one off my list!

New ShoesStart a Revolution!



Sunflower Plant Sale
This was the first time the plant sale had a super cool photo-op board! It was so fun and cute to take pictures!

New Sewing MachineBirthdayThe Original Pancake House



Chili Babies
:) I still can’t believe this happened, we dumped a whole bunch of chili’s in a pot that had dirt in it! This still and will always be super crazy to me!

Raw Event$200 LaceMason Fish



Me and my sister always wanted to go here, it was super fun and amazing. I definitely enjoyed myself! It looks so pretty from the outside, the inside as even more amazing!

Hair Cut!HIFF Halloween Party



Versatile Blogger
I got nominated for this award! It was so cool and fun to do! I didn’t even know things like this existed!

Curry Bears Happy Birthday DoodsBridal



Bridal 2nd Place
I got second place for my dress for bridal! That was so amazing, because my dress wasn’t the best compared to everyone else’s, but the idea was strong. It goes to show even un-appealing project can win if it has a strong idea!

Cute Dog CollarsChristmasMochi Pounding



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