lunch and movies

Today I got to hang out with A, we got to go to Ward! I needed to do last minute Christmas shopping and to get small stuffs for me! :) I got a cute Rilakkuma stationary book, the Happy Natural Time series!

20131223_184307 20131223_184327

This is one of my favorite series, I love that they are little dears and nature-y setting~ but it’s a little too hard to find, I found this one at Hakubundo in Ward Wearhouse! :)

We ate lunch at The Korean BBQ place, so yummy and the lady that works there is so sweet! :) I was amazed that she remembered us~ So cute and cool! After lunch we exchanged Christmas presents~

20131222_214846 20131222_214901

She got me slots of cute things!I especially love this cute cat dress, I can’t wait to wear it!


And this cute Korilakkuma! :)


We got to watch Frozen today! :) I was really blown away, I love the graphics and I know a lot of people thing Elsa and Anna look like Tangled’s, Rapunzel… But they looked and acted totally different to me. I loved the graphics so much the sneery was amazing and the costume was to die for, I loved Elsa’s ice dress… I secretly want it as my wedding dress! :p



The movie actually made me cold, and well… frozen. I felt a chill throughout the whole movie. :) I didn’t realize that Idina Menzel was the actress for Elsa! :) It was amazing, the music and everything. It felt like Wicked, I was left in awe.

Disney’s Frozen ‘Let it Go’ – Idina Menzel


-All Frozen pictures found on Google I don’t own these pictures!-


3 thoughts on “lunch and movies

  1. rilakkumalifestyle says:

    Happy Natural Time is such a great series- you’re so lucky to get your hands on some cute stationary! Frozen looks like such a good movie and the visuals look incredible! I definitely have to check it out one of these days :)

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

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