Rilakkuma ipod touch case!!! WOW

We went to the swap meet today!

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 8.38.12 PM copy

We went only to get cellphone cases! I really wanted a mint colored case for my phone, but sadly they didn’t have a case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. They had alot of Note 2 and S4 cases! :c We didn’t get any… but I did snag a super cute Rilakkuma case for my itouch! So in love, I wanted this case for so long!! :D The lady was super sweet she gave it to us for $8, instead of the original price $10! Since she remembered we came back!!

Super happy, I wanted a new itouch case for super long, and I finally got one! :)


Finally got Kicks! :D I got cute new shoes with bows! :) I also Caught two Napoleonfish fishes!! :D


I got the sweetest umbrella from the fortune cookies!! And Muffy gave me her Rococo bed!! :D


Parker with the fam bam! :D Really good action movie!



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