bon dance!!


We took the dogs walking at the park today!! :D Both the dogs were super happy~ Clover is really becoming an old man, because he just can walk as much as he used too :c !! I had to carry him, but his wee-wee was quite dirty (sorry for the disturbing-ness), so I ended up carrying him awkward. Eventually he ended up being carried like a baby, I was so surprised that he let me, because he hates it when I do it (he sometimes bites me, or wiggles) – he must have been super tired!

He had the super cutest face in the world!!


Today was Summer solstice! They had the cutest display board!!! I’m the one with the darker hair and the cucumber cheeks ~ and my sister has lighter hair with the real red rosy cheeks!


I got the sweetest heart ballon at the HRA! And I took a snap with Isabelle!


Flurry came to visit! :)

The second Bon Dance we went to!~
Wahiawa Hongwanji


I really liked this one~ It reminded me of the Palolo bon dance!

20130621_191031 20130621_185837

They had cool site seeing things, like a bell area and a sand/rock garden! :) They also had a fishing booth, super cool!! And little shopping booths filled with books, plants, and random items!

For food I had a two cone sushi’s and two BBQ sticks (they were super duper small, it was more like BBQ toothpicks – I was super disappointed, I even laughed when the lady wanted to check if there was four)! It was good~

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

Shave ice for dessert!


I really liked this bon dance I hope we can go again!!



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