We harvested the best looking strawberries yet! :) I’ve been kind of down since my strawberries haven’t been growing good, they produce berries but before they even grow they are spoiled.

photo-1 photo

We looked online at many dog websites, if it’s ok to feed dogs strawberries? Every site said it was ok, but don’t feed them too much!! So we gave one to Clover and one to Basil! :) It was the sweetest thing! :) The next thing they can have from the garden is my long beans!

HNI_0063_JPG HNI_0064_JPG HNI_0069_JPG

Guliver showed up today I was so confused because I forgot to read the text… Hopefully I guessed right! Flurry wanted to play hide-and-seek! Super cute, actually all of them (Flurry, Lionel, and Diana) are my Favorites!! And the island!!

HNI_0065_JPG HNI_0066_JPG

Decorated/cleaned my house, Flurry gave me the SWEETEST gift ever, a Rococo coffee table! :) I looooove Flurry! :D And a just a random picture of my bed!



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