YES, my dream come true!


My dad took us to Samurai Last week, they sell milky shave-ice! :) Super good, if you come to Oahu you NEED to get this sweet treat, its worth the $2.50 and the calories! :)

Guess what~ I got Animal Crossing New Leaf! :)

20130609_104216 20130609_104325

My sister got it for me, as my (super early) birthday present! :) I’m super happy, I wanted this game for a whole year or so! :) We got a super good deal on the 3DS XL, we traded my regular 3DS for $100 but the trade back is supposed to be only $75! So in the end I got the 3DS XL for $130, with the game built in (rather than the $220)!

Click to enlarge pictures!

HNI_0012_JPG HNI_0014_JPG HNI_0015_JPG

I have Tammi, Diana, Moe, Cousteau, and Flurry! My favorite is Diana and Flurry (even if Diana is somewhat sassy, she’s still so cute!!) Cousteau is ok I had him in another game! :) I don’t really care for Moe or Tammi so much! :c

HNI_0013_JPG HNI_0016_JPG HNI_0019_JPG

My Favorites Flurry and Diana! My tent -_- ~

I love the game so much~



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