movie day~


I didn’t get to finish Me Too, Flower it was too depressing! :p Nail Shop Paris, it’s a super good Korean Drama! :) I have to say it kind of reminds me of House, not people with physical sickness – but people that may have psychological problems!

My Week With Marilyn Film

I watched My Week With Marilyn! :) I was blown away with the similarity between Michelle Williams and Marilyn Monroe, but not only that with all the other characters were amazing!! At first I didn’t think she would do a good job, but she did! :)


They look so similar I was having a hard time finding the right scene with this dress on! :p Still I am unsure if this is right! :o  The top one should be Michelle Williams and the bottom one is Marilyn Monroe! Dresses are super identical!


Michelle Williams did a awesome job conveying Marilyn, this was a great movie!



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