I started a new Korean drama! :) Me Too, Flower. :) It’s pretty good! I wanted to see another Enrique (Yoon Si Yoon, Flower Boy Next Door) drama!

20130508_104333 IMG_20130508_114719

Fashion club pot luck! :) It was fun, all the foods where yummy!! :) I even got Bubbies mochi ice cream! We ate and watched the fashion show! :) It was fun to see everyone before school ends. :)

20130508_182850 20130508_182928 20130508_182919 20130508_182911

Me and Sberry played in the garden! :) I can’t believe the garden is growing so well! I feel like haven’t been putting my 100%! :c I need to start caring for the plants again!! :D

from left to right:
① My long bean plant grew back, I kind of lost hope for it.
② mom’s azuki bean plant
③ sberry’s amazing lettuce
④ a nice long vine-y totoro!

safety-not-guaranteed-poster-artwork-kristen-bell-jake-johnson-aubrey-plaza quill_the_life_of_a_guide_dog

Movie night! We started with ‘Safety Not Guaranteed‘ it give it a eh, it wasn’t the best movie. It was quite draggy, to make the story feel more. I can’t really say what the movie is about, or why. Maybe like don’t judge kooky looking people, they might be super smart and be able to make a time machine?

We also watched ‘Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog‘ I actually enjoyed this movie! :) It was sweet, but melodramatic. I thought it was super sweet that everyone loved Quill and his characteristics, but also so sad that he couldn’t permanently be with one person. I think dogs can have memories or can have feelings. I think he must have been super sad about not being able to be with one family, but Quill loved everyone he spent time with.



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