Honolulu Community College ‘POSH’ fashion show 2013

Time line of what me and dad did:

「7:30 AM」Woke up got ready left the house.

「8:30 AM」Got to the site

→ about 30 mins too early.

「9:00 AM」Started clean up shift

→ pushed tables out of the way for dressing rooms.
→ unloaded chairs, arranged chairs, cleaned chair, and number chairs.

「11:30 AM」Crossant making

→ 300 sandwiches! :c

「1:45 PM」back on site, by myself

→ my dad bought me a Mc Donald’s drink! :)
→ my team was on break, so I was on break! :D

20130427_170058 20130427_170029

「4:00 PM」got ready

→ did my hair and make up
→ changed into my ‘posh’ outfit! :)

「6:00 PM」started role as usher

20130427_165954 20130427_190747

→ passed out pamphlets, and smiled too much :o
→ feet stated hurting like crazy.

「8:oo PM」Show started!

20130427_191451 20130427_195130

I really enjoyed everyones, but these lines I’ve been eyeing out during the semester! :)

「9:oo PM」show ends, clean up starts

→ my dad came back to help me clean up
→ quickly stacking chairs and tables, and loading them back
→ cleaning dressing rooms, and re placing tables and chairs back where they were normally
→ loading truck

「10:00 PM」on campus, unloading truck

→ eating dinner on the ride back to school
→ unloading truck

「11:00 PM」driving the way to home

→ finishing dinner
→ catching a few Z’s

「12:00 AM」in bed



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