happy march

Yesterday my dad bought us green tea mochi ice cream! :) It was soooo yummy~ I love mochi and green tea! :) It was a sweet treat since it’s getting hotter! :S

photo 1 4444


I had a car wash, I was pretty bummed that I had to go… I hate car washes :S But at least it was the last one!! :) After the car wash I had to wait for my mom to finish up her ‘beautification day!’ It felt like a long day.


As soon as we got home, my dad let us all go to Pet Smart! It soooo cool there, and cheap!! :) We got two cute toys for both $2.99 each! :) Clover got the cuttie-o hedgehog! And Basil got the green frog… well… she technically got both, since she steals all the toys :p

After Pet Smart we went to Safeway, near the Safeway we went to we found a cute little store called the ‘Pink Box.’ My dad was curious, and wanted to check it out! It’s like a Morning Glory and Caramia put together! :) It’s quite inexpensive~


I got stickers for $2.75 and cute post-it’s for $1.50



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