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Best macaroons ever!! ♡
We went to the farmers market last week Saturday! The booth was called ‘Life is Sweet’! Literally the best Macaroons ever.

Tamagotchi_20130214183819Tamagotchi_20130215111158 Tamagotchi_20130216190513Tama

Been playing Tamagotchi LIFE on my Samsung Galaxy! It’s a free game!
Click here for the link: Tamagotchi LIFE

It’s really cute! 
The first tama is a egg when it hatches its a cute small black tama; called ‘babyitchi’
The second tama is called ‘Maruitchi’
The third tama is called ‘kuchitamatchi’
the forth tama is called ‘pink tarakotchi’

photo 2



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