It’s been so long since I’ve even seen the plants. My sister has been doing all the gardening recently! :) The plants are looking happy, but not at 100%. I think they need to be repotted, and the weather changed so it’s just not as cold as usual.

P1020970 P1020971
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My long beans, well got super long! :p I have 3 or 4 long beans that soon, should be ready for harvest. Very cool! At first I thought it was just a normal soybean, but it turns out to be a long bean! :)


Thyme is another favorite of mine. It looks so cool and mossy! :) It would probably be really fun to be a little ant, in this plant~

P1020973 P1020974

A picture of the mint and Alyssum~
And my sisters Chilies! :D It’s so cool, she has about 20 chilies on one plant. :p



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