Happy New Years!

:) Happy New years~

Recap of 2012!



Podium Racing
This was one of the coolest things I got to do, acutally I don’t even believe I drove! I was so scared about getting stuck, getting hit or bumping in to someone. I was the slowest one, but it was fun… even if I drove slow it still felt fast!

January was a month of eating good and exercising!
GenkiMacaroonsYogurt StoryMakapuu Light House



3 Leaf Clover
Was made during this month, soon it will be 1 years old! :) The first comic was posted on February 29! Ever since that its posted every Wednesday! :) I don’t think I missed one yet?

February was a month of celebration!
Basil’s birthday! My fist V-day present!



Sheryl and Clovers birthday!

My sister turned 28, and Clover turned 5! :) Mom made Clover a homemade cake!~ Sheryl got Hello Kitty brownie pudding! :( We couldn’t get coco puffs this year…

March was a random month!!
Made my first Aloha shirt!Clover and Basil got crates!!Went to see ‘The secret of Arrietty!’ ❹ We also walked a lot!! In Mach we walked 36,544 steps during exercising!!



Easter Sunday was one of the best moments of April! It was our first time volunteering at church!! We prepared and handed out food! After that we had our yearly Easter party~ :)

April was month of growth and understanding!
We did ‘reap what you sow seeds’HCC’s fashion show!



We went to Five Star Restaurant for Mothers Day!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! I can’t wait to go back! Amazing buffet, and worth the price!

May was a movie month!
The VowMirror Mirror AvengersDark Shadows



Morton’s Steakhouse
My first time at Morton’s, every time I think about Morton’s; the thought just makes my mouth water! It was an enjoyable outing, and probably a place I’ll never get to go again! :)

June was a mix between sweet and traditional!
Waipahu Bon DanceEwa Hongwanji Bon Dance Peach cup cakesGreen tea cup cakes!



Nearly a 5 mile walk!
The longest walk we did this month! :) It was 4.95 miles~

July was mostly about exercising; but also about health, eating, and fun stuff!
Mom at the ER Back to school shopping!Zippy’s marathon! ❹ Started to Tithe!



My 21st birthday!
We got to go to Tanaka of Tokyo! And we celebrated at home~ I must be spoiled I got 2 birthday parties! :) Actually, I didn’t even drink! The first time I drank last December with both my sisters! And I also explored with wine in the beginning of the year! :)

August was a great month because of my birthday but I had a lot of ups and downs!
Stomach flu (for 6 days) Cafe Nipponica (game) Steve Madden bag!! Back to school! :(



My sister A’s bday!!
Even when she’s far away we buy a cake and send her the picture~ This cake was from Anna Millers!!

This month I didn’t blog about my life~ So I’ll share top 3 things I did!
❶ My dad’s side came to visit! :) ❷ Started and Finished our first puzzle! ❸ Started to drink smoothies!


photo 1

Cirque Du Soleil Quidam
It was my first time! Really so excited! :) I loved the show, it was a great opportunity! I’m so thankful my sister took me~ and more thankful the tickets where free! :)

October I reconnected with friends, watched some old school tv shows, and had family movie time! :)
Gyu-KakuSailor MoonTinkerbell



My dad’s birthday!
It was really fun and exciting because my dad actually liked everything!~

November was a crazy month!
Dog’s in heat :(Starting to set up for xmas Clover’s wiggly jiggly toothThanksgiving Pitch Perfect!


photo 3

Christmas of course! :)
Best day of the year, besides my birthday! :p

December we practically celebrated the whole month!
New Hope Xmas Party!Kapolei City Lights!Wicked Tickets!

Untill next year~


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