thursday = fun day

We started the day running errands! Soon after we went to buy mom’s xmas present! My sister, mom and I are going to see Wicked!! So excited! I can’t wait we are going on January 2nd.



After that we went shopping! Dad took us (me and my sister) too see the new Japanese shop ‘Sankies!’ I got the cutest socks!! Some sandal socks (or they call bra socks :p) and really cute fuzzy socks! I really liked this place! Very cute and cheap!!

P1020917 P1020921 P1020919

We also went to Old Navy! There was so much things on sale! The first picture is a maxi quarter sleeve dress, middle picture is a tan long sleeve, and the last picture is a robe dress, but I going to leave it un-tied and use it as a jacket! Everything was $8-$6? Crazyy!

We also went to Lowes!
We got some new plants; Creeping Thyme, Alyssum (flower bed) and Sweet Basil!


Amazed that are plants are living!! This is the longest we ever kept the garden!! :)

P1020908 P1020904 P1020906

The green bean is climbing up, it wrapped around the daisy watering can! We have a baby now! :) And my sisters chilies are growing super good!

P1020905 P1020909

The new Thyme and Alyssum! :)


[PS you can click the pictures to make it larger! :p]


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