sweet clover.

I didn’t say, my sister went plant shopping! :) We both decided to start planting again!! I requested to have beans, and strawberry! :) My sister got chocolate mint, Thai chili peppers and Hawaiian chili peppers. And of course my red clovers are still alive.

beans and strawberry


Hawaiian, Thai chili peppers, chocolate mint, and my red clovers.

Since we’ve been feeding the dogs wet food… the dogs haven’t been controlling their poo’s. -_- And also that I haven’t renewed their eating schedule and toilet schedule… so  its a learning process.-_-


-_- Clovers water-less bath last week! :p Last week Clover made a huge poopie accident in his cage, and he even got poo’s on him. -_-


Even Basil made a accident yesterday… So I changed her food back to dry food. And she barely ate. -_- But to me it makes since because she is still young she can eat dry food for now, but Clover ultimately cannot, since he’s old and he’s loosing teeth.


Clover: ‘See you soon! Bye!!’



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