mac gril

Yay~ I got to go out with A! :) Our last out going before school starts! We decided to finish it off with a yummy lunch at Macaroni Grill! Before we went to Mac Grill we went to Forever 21, to browse! I found this pretty heart and ribbon necklace that reminded me of Sailor Moon !

Lunch was super good! :) For appetizers we bought parmesan cheese fries (BEST thing ever!!), and for drinks I got a white peach ice tea! :) For my main dish I got the combinations: whole wheat fettuccine with bow tie pasta, and caesar salad!

Everything was super yummy, so glad we went! Everything was priced well!!


I also scored some prizes in my Japanese magazines! :)
Basically spent all my money on magazines but worth it! They always give cool items! :)


My friend let me open my presents a week and a half early! :D So happy~ She spent way way way too much -_- !! I got A cute Rilakkuma pillow, Rilakkuma lanyard attached to the lanyard was a cute small Rilakkuma plushie (that could be a cell phone charm), a Rilakkuma mouse pad, ‘Clover Town’ stationary, and pencil box, and a ‘Daily life of bears’ note book!

I tried to put all my pens in the pencil box but its kind of shallow. So instead I thought it would be perfect in holding needles, bobbin thread, small scissors, chalk, and other sewing needs! :) It would make a super cute/perfect sewing kit for school!



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