Blogging in bed

-_- I’m not feeling well today. I caught some type of stomach flu. I threw up this morning, and now I’m spending the whole day with my new BFF the toilet (pooing I mean), and my forever only friend the bed. At least the dogs are being good, saying I only let the out to use the toilet once.

I was on youtube watching this cute cat comic, and I thought this is exactly how Clover and Basil acts.
Simon’s Cat

And I also checked out Forever 21’s web site, I’m looking for a bag. I found 2 super cute and affordable ones, so as soon as I get better, I want to go out for these! :)

 Err, if I can figure out how to put these pictures up…

Twist lock crossbody

Metro messenger bag

I really want either of these, so cute and its a perfect size!

Sleeping kitten backpack

I thought this was super cute, even though I have enough backpacks… I just wanted to share this cute backpack!! Its something I really don’t need but… oh so cute!!

ok, back to resting.



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