fashion show.


My sister got me Wella brand shampoo, and hair treatment (like conditioner)! :)
I haven’t had the treatment in a long time, my last one was Shu Uemura!

This one is good and it smells nice!
I can’t wait to use the shampoo.



Fashion Show, I helped out! :D It’s always fun to watch~
Felt pretty bummed that I didn’t graduate with my friends, but next year should be my year!!
I can’t wait, but it was stressful.

My mom bought Clover a cute clover handkerchief!
I am using it in is food tray!!


I love my planners~ usually every morning (if I’m at school early) I’ll write in my planner! Some times I read scriptures, and write them down as well.
The pineapple plant is getting bigger.



We went for a nice walk today~
I haven’t walked too much lately. :(

We found a cute watermelon, or cucumber plant during our walk! :D




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