plant update 4-6-2012

I am all most done with 12 Signs of Love! I hope she ends with the writer, he’s so adorable, but I have a feeling she will some how get back with her ex!! I wish this drama lasted for ever; I love the cast, this was a great drama.

Love Rain, is also a new drama. I just watched 2 episodes of it so far its a good drama, it feels quite sad. :( Can’t wait to see what happens in the next episodes.

The squash is growing sooo big! :) My clovers died, so I threw it in the garden, and the marigolds are growing so well, it has new leaves on it!! :D


Still growing clovers in my mint, so cute I shall not kill it!!
Seems like my thyme doesn’t want to grow anymore! :\

What seems to be foxgloves, although they are quite nice and green~
I wonder how they will grow, seems like foxgloves, I hope!

I ♡ my garden.


Oh I forgot, Soju with my sister and dad! :D


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