new new new!

I did a lot of remodeling before my dad brought in the huge table.
I had to help, it was sooooo heavy :(

My dad bought us a new table for $100!!
So happy, my body doesn’t hurt now that we wont sit on the floor!

I really like how I laid it out, looks like an office or cubical! Its also so spacious!
It will be easier to do homework!! :D


About a week ago my sister bought me cute things, she got super lucky and found a Q-Pot magazine with a prize!! :) I got a apron and a small tote bag good for lunch! I have not much use for the apron, and I feel kinda bummed not being able to use it! :( So later on I’ll make a cute pouch out of the material!!

She also got me a cute finge, black and gold crop top! :)
I really like black and gold, its so cool! :)


My dad bought me and my sister cute yoga pants for jogging and walking! :)
So cool we both got blue, purple, and gray! Very comfortable, I might even ware it to school!! :p

He also got me aloe, and green tea make up remover wipes!
And cute green tea paper masks,
he got my sister brightening masks, and he got my mom age defining mask!

Sometimes I wonder how he knows all this stuff, but he must know what we want! :p
Since he lives with all of us!

3 Leaf Clover
‘A Dream’

(click to enlarge)



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