feb. 21, 2012

:) I failed to take an outfit of the day, today.

But, I took one yesterday~

under top: plain black cami
top: sheer white asymmetric (brandy melville)
bottom: black maxi (wet seal)
belt: steve madden side back strap
jewelry (all from f21): black stone ring; cross necklace; black and gold earrings
hair piece: bandana ribbon (claires)

Just came home from a walk/run~
Hopefully the dogs are happy.

Recently so, Clover has been really bad :(
He keeps making poo in the middle of the night, and I don’t keep the pads out for him because he seems to always miss and make more mistakes when he has the pee pads…

I’ve realized that we have been taking him walking/running almost everday of the week… and it’s pretty funny because he gets majorly sleepy; so that when I do take him to use the toilet at 9:30pm he pee’s really fast and wants to come back in asap to sleep. :\ I’ve thought of so many solutions besides the pee pads, and there just isn’t any… and it kills me.

But atleast I don’t need to clean so hard now that he has the pads!!


Also I always try to hold Clover like a baby, I  knew as soon as we got time he wouldn’t be able to do that! So I try on and off! I know the reason why he doesn’t like it because its a trust issue and a alpha thing.

But every now and then I try and he lets me do it longer and longer, I think its the cutest thing. And I know also that he trusts me. But I’m sure if I did it in front of anyone, he probably would get mad!! :p

I need to try harder in talking about the dogs more than talking about me!
Because this blog was intended to me more about the dogs. :p 

I may or may not blog again tonight! :)



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