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I was so excited to see this Adventure Labyrinth Story on the eShop, I really loved the first game Adventure Bar Story, it was refreshing to see the all the characters! This time you are playing as Lidia, searching and exploring caves, you bring back ingredients for Katrina to cook food for the restaurant! I’m not quite sure what kind of storyline this game has, but am glad everyone is the same and the graphics are still so adorable but clearer and cleaner!


Kingdom’s Item Shop is just so adorable, you get to choose between playing as a boy or a girl! And as the title suggests, you run an item shop – and your goal is to be the most famous item shop in your land. You fight off monsters to get various items! What makes this game pretty cool is there is many different crafters in the town, a chef, blacksmith, fashion designer and probably many more! As you use the services you gain friend points with the crafters you will unlock more hints to recipes!


We found Kittens!

We found four kittens in our yard! I wanted to keep them all but my dad saw the mom cat while he was working in the yard! So I just sat and watched them and melted. They were a little aggressive, I didn’t really want to aggravate them or make them scared! It was so sad because the darkest cat was the biggest and he got his head stuck between the concrete stones, my dad quickly pulled the stones out, it was screaming like crazy! I was so worried for him because he’s eyes are infected, I used all my courage to not take him in.

The cat’s are a problem in my neighborhood, but so adorable. I always get torn between taking them in and cleaning them up making them tame, and finding them proper homes with loving human parents. So it could help the cat problem… but I can’t, won’t take away kittens away from their mother, it’s heartbreaking – almost monstrous. I just wish the neighbors that took care of the cat, the ones that feed them and give them water, would spay and neuter them. But that’s just me being too real.

Hopefully the mother picks them up and finds them a new home! I will only take them in if they get abandoned, like little cat!


Full day at the mall!

Today I met up with A! Just for a short lunch! We had a nice refreshing drink at Nordstrom Cafe, I had a thank  you card for her and V wanted a poop emoji charm, so I had a little package for her and gave it to A to send along! :) I also made A one too!  We talked for about an hour, catching up!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetAfter our long talk we checked out Shirokiya it was still pretty crowded, even though they opened a few months ago. I was cool to see new restaurants open, but also sad to see some of our favorite places gone. We ended up eating at Foodland, they have so much crazy new stuff there, a pizza shop, rotisserie chicken place that has yakitori sticks, poke stand, pasta the list goes on!

We ended up getting these bentos, I got the veggie one and A got a chicken katsu one! We traded things we didn’t want to each other! :)

After that we walked around a little. Then we picked up a sweet treat from Kulu Kulu! We shared a cream puff and a vanilla pudding! So good, too good! And then we said our goodbyes!

After that I practiced skateboarding with S, it was so scary but we both can’t believe that I even tried it. I literally the scared-ist person ever! A true virgo.

S got her New Nintendo 3DS as well! :) She surprised me with a new Baymax bag and a writing book that I wanted for awhile. I just keep adding hobbies to my list, hopefully I can complete some of them! :p

We went to the mall after our short break at home! I finally got my parka jacket from Forever21 that I wanted forever! I cannot believe that I got it!


Bye Money!

After seeing the Galaxy New Nintendo 3ds xl I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I had to show my sister because it was so her. I asked her if she wanted to update our gameboys, and she said it was up to me and if there was a gameboy that I wanted! So I looked if there was any place still selling the Animal Crossing Happy Homes New Nintendo 3ds! But I was out of luck, until I stumbled across the Mario New Nintendo 3ds bundle, that is exclusive to Target. I was shocked to see that it was priced at $150, seriously a steal!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

You get Super Mario 3D Land digital game and two interchangeable faceplates! I don’t really care for these faceplates so I easily looked online. Hopefully soon I’ll be getting my new faceplate in from Amazon quickly!

But the best part of this purchase is that I got to transfer all my games, and not only that but my sister gets to trade in my Animal Crossing New Leaf 3ds xl and her Pink 3ds xl! We just need to hope NX isn’t something we will be interested in.