Ka Makana Ali’i

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We started the day early~ We visited Grandpa, checked out the Kawai Nui Marsh, and went to Target! We got the best goodies today!

Later in the night we checked out the carnival at the new mall – Ka Makana Ali’i! It was small but a good concept and very fun! The moon looked super creepy but cool!


Matcha Stand Maiko

Today I got to hang out with my sister! :) We started off eatting breakfast at Foodland! We had onigiri and croquettes! We spent about 2 hours writing letters to our sister in the Mainland! It was nice and relaxing! After that I brainstormed on my succulent tips for my Mint Clover blog!

After that we waited for Forever 21 to open in Waikiki! There really wasn’t anything we liked, but funny enough we both grabbed the same kimono in different colors! We ended up getting it, with a few socks!

We ate lunch at Marukame Udon! We both got the zaru udon – cold udon, since it was burning hot, with different sides! After that we cooled off even more with matcha floats from Matcha Stand Maiko! It was so refreshing and the best kind of bitter, the perfect sweet treat!

I can’t wait to eat next time! :)


Two Sweets

It always amazes me how fast the succulents grow! Just a week or so, and it’s blooming beautifully! We got a surprise Hello Kitty cake! Yum! Too cute to eat!


Park Day!

The dogs got to go to the park today! They were so happy, I hope we can do this more often! Clover has gotten so old, he can be leashless! He just follows and doesn’t even run away from us! :p

They had a nice run in the sun! :)




Girlboss | ★★★★☆
Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss. (IMDb)

What I thought:
I think this series is pretty relatable for some young adults. Not only is this series inspiring, and a good tool for learning – but I love that there is drama and lot of story to it! Very funny, risque!

Basil and Clover sleep so differently.



IMG_20170430_230244_709 copy

They sky was so mesmerizing today. I even got a nice shot of the moon, which never happens. I just love this picture. I could look at it all day, the aesthetics.


Started watching Girlboss! It’s pretty cool, a lot of feels.


Kam Bowl

Today we went to Aunt R’s funeral. It was a small nice funeral. The view was great. A lot different then where Grandpa is.


We had lunch at Kam Bowl, my mom’s side of the family got to meet each other, everyone had a long talk! :)